Placeholders Fun

Below is a list of fun/interesting things in the Placeholders blockchain. Some are historical firsts, others are just fun or cool.

2009-01-03The Bitcoin Genesis Block.Block
2009-01-03The coinbase transaction of the Genesis Block.Tx
2009-01-12First block containing a (non-coinbase) transaction.Block
2009-01-12The first transfer of bitcoin.Tx f4184fc596403b9d638783c...-
2009-10-12First bitcoin traded for fiat currency.Tx
2010-05-22The 'Bitcoin Pizza' transaction.Tx
2010-11-14Duplicated coinbase transaction #2Tx
2010-11-14Duplicated coinbase transaction #1Tx
2011-05-18Destroyed bitcoin.Tx
2011-12-03Brainwallet address for 'Satoshi Nakamoto'Address
2012-11-28First block of subsidy era #2 (25 BTC).Block
2013-09-13SHA256(SHA256()) collision bountyAddress
2013-09-13SHA1 collision bountyAddress
2013-09-13SHA256 collision bountyAddress
2013-09-13RIPEMD160 collision bountyAddress
2013-09-13RIPEMD160(SHA256()) collision bountyAddress
2014-06-16Star Wars: A New HopeTx 143a3d7e7599557f9d63e7f...-
2016-07-09First block of subsidy era #3 (12.5 BTC).Block
2017-08-24First SegWit block.Block
2017-08-24First SegWit transaction.Tx
2017-08-25First block mined that was greater than 1MB.Block
2017-12-30Block reward lostTx
2018-01-20First block mined that was greater than 2MB.Block
2020-03-11500+ million USD transferred for < 1 USD fee (2020 prices).Tx eeea72f5c9fe07178013eac...-
2020-05-11'Times 09/Apr/2020 With $2.3T Injection, Fed's Plan Far Exceeds 2008 Rescue'Block #629999-
2020-05-11First block of subsidy era #4 (6.25 BTC).Block
2020-05-20Very old coins (mined ~1 month after genesis) move unexpectedly, causing uproarTx
2020-07-15July 2020 Twitter hack BTC addressAddress